Teaching &Tutoring

Teaching & Tutoring

Providing the highest quality, home- and site-based academic tutoring services throughout Phoenix, Scottsdale and other areas of the Valley, Teaching and Tutoring strives to discover each student's independent learning potential through a variety of services.

What makes Teaching and Tutoring different than other tutors and tutoring companies? A dynamic, motivating tutor who inspires a passion for learning. An exclusive, innovative Foundation program teaches essential study skills and organizational tactics in a multisensory format. Local and operated by an educator who genuinely cares about kids. Moreover, unlike other tutoring services, this program is all individualized to fit each student's needs.

Regardless of students' learning challenges, Teaching and Tutoring helps pave the way for academic success and skills that last a lifetime.


Allison Barnow is an exceptional academic tutor & teacher who maintains high standards of excellence and professionalism. She strives to inspire a passion for learning and to encourage students to develop a sense of academic independence, responsibility, dedication and self-discipline.