Reading Activities

Reading Activities
Learn to Read through Phonics


The Reading Activities offered here are for both Students and Parents.

Students - If any of these are true:

·  You have trouble reading

·  You don't like to read

·  You are embarrassed to read aloud

Parents - Give your child the Gift of a Lifetime - Help your child become an Excellent Reader:

·  Learn how Phonics -Based Reading Lessons are the best way to teach your child to read

·  Understand the 7-Steps to Becoming an Excellent Reader that are field-proven over 20 years

·  Help your child master Phonemic Awareness, The Alphabetic Principle and Phonics

If you want to understand the importance of reading, then read a summary of the National Reading Panel's findings on the best way to teach reading and read a summary of what is currently known about reading disorders, disabilities and problems. Then visit the sections discussed and referenced below.


The following Reading Resource Websites are highly reccomended. is a site that provides a variety of truly excellent resources. 

Phonics Lessons  teaches phonics and then uses for further practice and additional reading activities.

Another site worth visiting is dedicated to Fun-Learning-Activites-For-Children.

A third site that we think you will find full of helpful reading activities and reading information is which is a website packed full of reading activities and information put together by a former school teacher with a passion for reading.